About Woh

About Woh Medical

Established in November 2010, Woh Medical Co., Ltd. is headquartered in the Neihu Technology Park in Taipei City. Within Taiwan, we have branch locations in Taichung and Kaohsiung as well as an international presence with subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Shanghai. With over ten years of experience in the marketing, medical devices , and consumables of medical aesthetics and plastic surgery, we have a team of leaders with extensive experience across diverse domains. The company represents major global brands in laser systems, injectable hyaluronic acid, breast implants, ultrasound imaging equipment, etc. At Woh Medical, we provide professional services with a personal touch through our specialized division of labor model.


Currently, Woh Medical consists of four business units: Medical Aesthetics, Plastic Surgery, Healthcare, and Service department . Medical Aesthetics is mainly responsible for injectable hyaluronic acid fillers as well as advanced aesthetics devices such as laser systems, body-contouring systems, non-invasive skin tightening and lifting treatment, 3D imaging simulation and analysis systems, etc. Plastic Surgery handles breast implants and ultrasound liposuction equipment; Healthcare is responsible for professional medical equipment such as ultrasound imaging systems, cryoablation equipment and vibration therapy systems; and Service team handles maintenance, warranty services, and other post-sales services for all medical devices.

Woh Medical excels in introducing the latest medical equipment, injectable fillers, medical diagnostics, and surgical systems from advanced countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia. We empower these products and continue to shape market trends. As a result, Woh Medical has quickly gained a strong reputation among physicians and medical institutions, becoming the preferred providers of clinical instruments among professional practitioners.


Our vision is to become a world-class corporation.Woh Medical is dedicated to women's health, embodying the mission of "bringing health, beauty, and confidence to women's lives."To achieve our goal of becoming the leading medical marketing team amidst changing market landscapes and fierce competition, we are committed to consistently meeting customer demands and needs. Through close collaboration with manufacturers and clients, we strive to uncover new product applications and market demands, integrating the upstream, midstream, and downstream supply chains within the medical industry. This continuity ensures our competitive advantage and allows us to explore new market opportunities.

Woh Medical's Four Core Focuses


Professional and experienced
operations team


Comprehensive and enriching
education and training
for employees


customer service


Diverse product & service
offering consistent with
international standards


Anderson Wu
Founder & President Woh Medical Co., Ltd.

An Observer of Medical Aesthetics Trends: Deep Insights into Asia’s Medical Aesthetic Market

President of Woh Medical, Anderson Wu is a pioneer in Taiwan's medical aesthetics industry. Committed to promoting beauty and health for women through Woh Medical, Wu has successfully led the company to expand its products and services from medical aesthetics and plastic surgery to health, wellness, and lifestyle. Woh Medical has also extended its presence not only across Taiwan but also throughout Asia.

Over the past 21 years, his outstanding leadership has earned the team trust and praise from clients. He has successfully developed new market opportunities but also fostered the capacity for long-term growth for clients. In the future, the company will continue to serve its customers with innovative, trustworthy, and sustainable business practices."

Jessie Huang
Co-Founder & CEO Woh Medical

A Pioneer in Medical Aesthetics Marketing: Creating Strategies that Generate Hype

Jessie Huang is the CEO of Woh Medical. She excels in resource integration, media marketing, agency negotiations, partner communications, and market strategy formulation. Under her leadership, Woh Medical not only sets trends in markets and marketing but also delivers one compelling success after another.

Over the past 20 years, her exceptional coordination and integration skills have been instrumental. Leveraging Woh Medical as the foundation, she successfully connected partners and clients upstream and downstream, constructing a cohesive and comprehensive medical aesthetics technology ecosystem. This collaboration creates win-win situations among manufacturers, partners, and clients, shaping a new paradigm for medical aesthetics in Taiwan, the Greater China region, and Asia.

Our Principles

At Woh Medical, we uphold the enduring principles of Innovation, Integrity, and Sustainable Responsibility.

We are committed to offering women brand new experiences,
actively assisting them in their journey towards health and beauty.
Collaborating hand in hand with partners in the women's health ecosystem,
we strive for mutual prosperity, forging a sustainable future of beauty.

With excellent products, teams, services, and partnerships, we aim to build Woh Medical into a world-class institution.

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