“芳蜜” 軟組織注射植入物
“芳蜜” 軟組織注射植入物
“VAIM” Soft Tissue Injectable Implant
衛部醫器輸字第 037021 號
What is the PDLLA?
Poly Lactic Acid(PLA) is a synthetic, biocompatible and biodegradable polymer.
It decomposes into H2O and CO2 after 1-2 years.
Used as a surgical suture, orthopedic implant material, blood vessel transplant material, etc.


Poly-D, L-Lactic Acid(PDLLA)

D-form, an isomer of carbon structures, is alternately bonded with L-form to the continuous chain of the polymer



Patented Reticular structure of the particle of PDLLA

The particle of PDLLA, the main ingredient of JUVELOOK and LENISNA, is in the form of a reticular structure, and the manufacturing technology for this reticular structure is a patented technology that is recognized for its uniqueness. This ingredient can be very useful as a cell delivery material for tissue reconstruction with excellent abilities to reconstruct damaged tissues when it is injected into the human body.


Safety of PDLLA

PDLLA is a collagen stimulator with a porosity structure. It is decomposed from the inside, has better tissue compatibility, and has higher safety, such as causing less change in acidity around particles.



Since JUVELOOK and LENISNA are made of PDLLA, a kind of PLA, it provides a lower glass transition temperature and hardness compared to PLLA, and eventually, it is more easily decomposed in the human body, and thus yielding a faster decomposition time.


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