The Ultimate Fractional Skin Resurfacing Laser

Youlaser MT is the first and only laser that, due to the proprietary Mixed Technology, is able to combine the golden standards of 10600 nm and 1540 nm wavelengths in a sequential or simultaneous fractional emission.

These two wavelengths emitted together maximize the advantages of each laser, improving the results in just one session. Aged skin with wrinkles and pigmentations, scars as well as vaginal atrophy, are best treated by Mixed Technology to establish a positive synergy between the two lasers for advanced results with almost no down-time for patients. No more trouble when choosing fractional ablative or non-ablative lasers.



Nowadays dermatologist and aesthetic practitioners know the advantages and the limits of ablative and non-ablative fractional lasers. Ablative lasers offer faster results but not applicable to all the patients due to the long down-time and higher risk of pigmented disorders. Non-ablative lasers are much more tolerated by any skin type and can be used on almost every patient, but need repeated sessions to achieve the desired results. Youlaser MT is the first and only laser that overcomes these limits by combining CO2 ablative and GaAs non-ablative lasers. These two lasers can work separately or in an exclusive Mixed Modality allowing practitioner to offer the best treatment to each patient. Youlaser MT can treat the skin with one of the two wavelengths or one of the three Mixed Treatment Modalities, to find the right balance between results and down-time. This device can also be used as an advanced surgical laser. The very fast CO2 tube of Youlaser MT is able to work up to 2000 Hz and to deliver at the same time microsecond pulses for a perfect control of cutting and coagulation rate. Youlaser MT is a “maintenance-free” laser, an important feature to keep the running cost at the lowest level.



Youlaser MT can deliver 1540 and 10600 nm lasers in the same micro-dot with sequential or simultaneous emissions to get a tunable balance of ablation and coagulation depth and to offer new and more effective treatment standards to the patients.


OptiSim is a feature that shows a simulation of the pattern generated by the laser before starting the treatment, for a fine adjustment of the laser parameters.More treatment precision for more predictable results.


Youlaser MT produces a fractional pattern of micro-dots of coagulated and ablated tissue separated by healthy skin. Used in Mixed Mode, the wound dimension is related to the total energy delivered by both lasers. In most cases, the histology shows complete reepithelization in 3 days. The pictures shown in this page report results after only 1 session at maximum 60 days follow-up. The Mixed Mode increases results and improves outcomes in one session on acne scars and wrinkles, producing results similar to ablative treatments with almost no down-time for patients. Dermatologic surgery also benefits from using Mixed Mode due to higher precision of coagulation and ablation rates.



The vaginal atrophy is the loss of the natural structural collagen thickness and form of the vaginal tissue and it may be caused by aging or childbirth.

DivaTight is a dual laser treatment by GaAs 1540 nm and CO2 10600 nm for effective vaginal mucosa’s resurfacing and tightening for a significant improvement in a patient’s quality of life, sexual satisfaction and an immediately return to normal activities. It uses the Mixed Technology of Youlaser MT to perform an exclusive mixed treatment of the vaginal mucosa by non-ablative and ablative wavelengths in the same time. The treatment is performed delivering two laser wavelengths in the vaginal tissue to stimulate mucosa’s contraction and production of new collagen, to regain the normal vaginal elasticity.

DivaTight is a unique procedure that reduces the mucosa’s ablation during treatment while the non-ablative laser penetrates deep into the tissue to maximize the tightening effect in a very gentle way, with no bleeding and no recovery time.


Atrophy and Laxity of the Vaginal Mucosa










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